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T&T Universal, LLC is your COVID-19 solution.

Protect Your Workplace & Keep Your Team Safe.

We offer customized COVID-19 testing for your workplace. It is important to keep your workplace safe for both your employees and your clients. We bring a customized experience to you so that you can keep doing what you do best.

Our COVID-19 testing options include the following:

  • Testing at our local site (Kalamazoo)

  • Nasopharyngeal (NP) and nasal mid-turbinate (NMT) swabs

  • On-site testing pop-ups for businesses to prevent the spread


We Provide Access to Onsite Testing Options

PCR Testing

Reduce Asymptomatic Exposure and Spread

PCR testing helps identify the presence of viruses within the body. We supply either on-site testing solutions to test your employees or off-site testing depending on your needs. All of our COVID-19 testing in West Michigan is done through nasal swabs and read by a CLIA-accredited lab. Results are all read and delivered by healthcare professionals.

Rapid Testing

Get results in a matter of minutes

Rapid antigen testing is a newer technique in which the surface proteins of the virus are tested with much faster response. While it is not as accurate as PCR testing it takes only 15 minutes. T&T Universal can provide on-site or off-site testing with results in as fast as 20 minutes from testing.

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T&T Universal Makes COVID-19 Business Testing Easy

We customize testing for your business, catering to small businesses and large corporations alike. T&T Universal takes the burden off management and human resources that may struggle to organize company-wide testing. We handle all the details to make the process effective, efficient, and safe from start to finish.

All testing is performed by qualified medical professionals that are highly trained, ensuring that each COVID-19 test is administered with an unmatched level of accuracy. In cooperation with a CLIA Certified laboratory, we offer a wide range of testing options such as nasal mid-turbinate, nasopharyngeal swabs, and more. Each test is FDA and EUA approved to meet our clients’ demand for accurate solutions fostered by leading medical innovation. Our fast turnaround times include 15-minute rapid tests and 24-48hour PCR results by request. Test result delivery can be customized to each business while maintaining compliance with HIPAA through a secure online portal.

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