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About T&T Universal

T&T UNIVERSAL was founded by Toni McDaniel, a registered nurse with over 10 years of clinical, leadership, managerial, and Director experience. The company's goal is to provide health and wellness services wherever you are.  Our Company pursues to collaborate with businesses and organizations to improve access across the entire continuum of care. As we look to the future of healthcare, we will continue to grow and evolve. We as a community need to determine where we go from here. We get to define and design our Future!

Our Clinical Team

We have team of expert physicians with experience spanning across several disciplines in medicine, cutting edge technology, and a warm compassionate approach towards patient care.  You will have a Peace of Mind knowing that our team of clinicians are dedicated to the Frontline. They are at your fingertips for support and will ensure all safety and infection control processes are maintained.


Health Services Your Way

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Your health is important to us because your health determines the wellbeing of our Community!

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We provide optimal care - providing services in a spirit of empathy, love and genuine concern.

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You are more than a number! We treat everyone fairly in recognition of their intrinsic worth.


Join Our Team

Come and be a part of the T&T Universal Team. Become an Independent Clinician and have the autonomy to make decisions regarding your professional career. Get the Flexibility you Always wanted and Join our team today!

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